Meet the cute junior idols in Japan !! Review of 15candy!!

15candy topbnr

I joined 15candy.

In July 2019, the name was changed from “Ichigo Daifuku” to “Ichigo Candy” and reopened.

Pricing was somewhat higher than when Ichigo Daifuku was introduced, but it features special features such as the out-of-print series of Eastern European and Russian girls, especially the legendary U15 site CANDY DOLL.

The first thing I thought of when I joined was that I shouldn’t be afraid.

I joined with a standard member eagerly, but if you are a standard member, you can only watch a few videos.

Standard members are only able to download divided videos except for videos that have been released within two weeks, so we recommend premium members who can download them all at once.

Most of the junior idol videos featured in the special feature are limited to platinum members, but if you continue for 90 days with a premium, you will automatically be promoted to a platinum member, so you should have plenty of time to download.

If you become a premium member, the daily download limit will increase from 8GB to 12GB, and you will be able to watch videos exclusive to premium members. Platinum members can also watch videos exclusive to Platinum members.

15Candy has an Express Platinum Membership, with $ 185 for 90 days, a 12GB Platinum exclusive video, an unlimited download and unlimited upgrades.

15Candy membership fee

* There is a $ 10 fee for initial membership.

[Standard member]

30-days member $ 39 
60-Days Member $ 75
90-days member $ 110
180-days member $ 215

[Premier members]

30-days member $ 64  
60-Days Member $ 125 
90-days member $ 185 
180-days member $ 365

[Express Platinum members]

90-days member $ 185 
180-days member $ 365


Upgrade from Standard Member to Premier Member from $ 65 ~
Upgrade from Standard member to Platinum member from $ 145 ~
Upgrade from a Premier Member to a Platinum Member $ 60 ~

About 15candy credit card payment.

As of November 2019, only credit cards are accepted.

Accepted credit cards are VISA, MASTER, JCB, American Express, Diners or partner credit cards.

Credit settlement company NEXT CHARGE pays in dollars. Settled in your local currency.

The billing name is described as “” or “MASTER-SYS.INFO”, so the name such as “15candy” will not be used.

All input credit card information is transmitted securely using COMODO’s SSL (encryption technology). Please be assured that there is no worry that the information can be seen by a third party.

How to join 15candy

15candy join

Enrolling 15candy is easy.

Select the desired member rank and click the “Apply” button next to it.

15candy join2

Enter your e-mail address (preferably a free e-mail address) and 4 to 15 alphanumeric characters.

The second input form is for confirmation.

After confirming the input contents, click the “Confirm input contents” button.

15candy join3

For credit information, enter the credit number, expiration date, security code and name holder, and click “Confirmation screen”.

Then, the member registration completion e-mail will be sent to the entered e-mail address. Please keep it in a safe place.

How to cancel 15candy

Unsubscribing is easy and takes just one minute.

15candy cancel

Simply open the unsubscribe form, enter your registered email address and password and answer a simple survey.

15candy cancel2

After confirming your entry, simply press the “unsubscribe” button to complete unsubscribing.

This is the end.

* Please note that if you unsubscribe, you will not be able to use VIP membership benefits such as downloading VIP videos.

Unsubscribe after downloading as much as you want.

About 15candy video download.

There is a daily download limit of 8GB for standard members and 12GB for premium and platinum VIP members.

Premium and Platinum members can download six 2GB full HD videos.

If you are a regular member, you will be able to download videos within 2 weeks from the release of the video in a lump, and download the others in splits.

Premium and Platinum VIP members can download at any time.

Up to three simultaneous downloads.

The downloaded video does not have a block function such as DRM, so you can watch it freely even after unsubscribing.

See FAQ for other questions.