Let ’s hairless life!! Girls Delta Review

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The hairless world is forever.

Girls Delta is a hairless site for hairless fetish.

In the past, there were many hairless contents such as Riki Take’s RIKITAKE.COM and the G-Queen,Shibuya Shoten, which is a real store.

At present, only some sites such as Girls Delta and female body Shinpi have become.

Girls Delta is the last Fort of the hairless world after the G-queen and Shibuya Shoten disappeared.

Let’s take a look at the regular work of Girls Delta!

Girls Delta's regular works

How to join and leave will be described later, but first let’s look at the contents of the Girls Delta site.

First of all, a regular work.

2019.12.18 Currently, 19 works have been released.

Girls Delta's regular work2

You can download videos and images.

Every weekend, there is a renewal of new works, so you can enjoy just the public works only.

However, honestly, you can enjoy Girls Delta more if you become a 180 day member and become a Silver member or purchase separately.

Try to become a member for a month and consider whether to continue or buy tokens and buy them separately.

Girls Delta's ppv

About single purchase of Girls Delta.

If you have missed a work, or if you don’t have member points but want to see the work quickly, you can purchase it by purchasing a single item.

There is also a content dedicated to single purchase, so please check it.

If you want to buy a single item in Girls Delta, you will need to purchase a token


You can pay by credit card.

It is advantageous to purchase many tokens at once.

About the Girls Delta Point System

Girls Delta is a point system. Basically, you get 1 point for every 30 days.

point system

If you continue to accumulate points, the level will go up and the content you can download will increase.


Girls Delta is well supported, so please refer to this FAQ if you have any problems or questions.

If you still can’t solve it, please contact by email.

Girls Delta site overview


30th: $ 40 / 60th: $ 75 ($ 5 savings) / 90th: $ 110 ($ 10 savings) / 180th: $ 220 ($ 20 savings and immediate Silver membership)

Credit card:

VISA / MasterCard / JCB / Discover

Credit card statement:

When paying with a credit card, it is written as “www.ccbill.com”.


CCBILL is a major US payment company. Protecting your personal information with the latest security technology.

How to join Girls Delta

Girls Delta top

First, click on the admission guide in the upper right of the top page.

Girls Delta's how to join 01

Select the number of days you like and click “Sign Up”

Girls Delta's how to join 02

If you are a new member, enter your name and e-mail address and click “Sign up”.

If you have used it in the past, you can log in without registering as a new member.

Girls Delta's how to join 03

Click “CCBill Secure Signup Form”

Girls Delta's how to join 04

Then enter the required information, agree to the terms of use, and click the purchase button to complete.

The membership completion screen will be displayed. Make a note of your subscription ID.

an e-mail has been sent to the registered e-mail address. Save your ID and password in a notepad.

How to unsubscribe from Girls Delta

Girls Delta's toppage

How to unsubscribe is easy.

Select and click on the support FAQ on the top page. The description of the withdrawal method is in the lower part of the FAQ.

Girls Delta's FAQ
Ccbill support

Select a credit card as the payment method.

Enter two of your email address, credit card number and subscription ID. Press the search button.

Ccbill cancel

Click the link to the right of unsubscribe.

Ccbill cancel

A confirmation screen will be displayed. Select the reason for withdrawal and select “Yes”.

Press the “Submit” button to complete the withdrawal. Even after withdrawal, you can download images and videos until the end of the contract date.

Girls Delta download speed

Girls Delta's download

It was about 1.2mbps in the administrator’s network environment (OS windows10 browser google chrome optical line home type).

Feeling that the speed of experience is ok.

One 60MB image archive can be downloaded in 50 seconds.


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