[G-queen]Sayaka Yabuki RONDE Shaving Scene and all

Video of the early days of the nostalgic hairless porn site,Gqueen.

Sayaka Yabuki has a starring work such as “Secret Hill Girl” under the name of “Megumi Fukiishi”, so please check it out.

In Shibuya Shoten, she appears as Haruka Iida.

Rondo is a masterpiece in Gqueen.




Japanese high quority hairless phote and vids(Girls Delta)


Girls Delta review!!

The hairless world is forever. Girls Delta is a hairless site for hairless fetish.In the past, there were many hairless contents such as Riki Take's RIKITAKE.COM and the G-Queen,Shibuya Shoten, which is a real store.