[Japanese hairless IV] Miyu Aritomo’s “CHAKUERO ART Stage Actress, Shaved

Miyu Aritomo

In 2011, she made her JAV debut under the name “Chisato Ayukawa”. This video is the first memorable erotic appearance work just before her JAV debut.

Her appearances include many co-stars with Lolita actresses such as Hasegawa Shizuku and Nonaka Anri, suggesting that she was active as a Lolita JAV actress.



Japanese high quority hairless phote and vids(Girls Delta)

パイパンの無修正ワレメ動画&画像|Girls DELTA (ガールズデルタ)
パイパン美少女の無修正ワレメ画像と動画を 高画質で配信する専門サイト Girls DELTA(ガールズデルタ)です。

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