[Shibuya-Shoten]Hairless girl raw photography specialty Yayoi Kobayashi, Marika Tachibana and others

Yayoi Kobayashi

1. Hairless girl raw photography specialty that was sold at a fixed price of 10,000 yen at the time of release at sibuya-shoten.

The vol.2 is Yabayashi Kobayashi. She is not really cute, but a tight body and a simple smile.

2.Marika Tachibana is a super-baby face, but she’s only about 20 years old.

3.The last is the masturbation of shaved girl.





Japanese high quority hairless girl’s photos and vids(Girls Delta)


Girls Delta review!!

The hairless world is forever. Girls Delta is a hairless site for hairless fetish.In the past, there were many hairless contents such as Riki Take's RIKITAKE.COM and the G-Queen,Shibuya Shoten, which is a real store.