[Japanese IV Shibuya-Shoten]Rino Onodera “I like you who are naked after all”

Rino Onodera

Riri Onodera with idol face enough to compete for 1 at Shibuya Bookstore. Certainly it was an erotic wearing idol.

“I really like you naked!” And “Moe Bishojo 4” are the same work. “Paipan tomato 4” is a masterpiece.





complete edition(15candy)


15Candy review!!

In July 2019, the name was changed from "Ichigo Daifuku" to "Ichigo Candy" and reopened.Pricing was somewhat higher than when Ichigo Daifuku was introduced, but it features special features such as the out-of-print series of Eastern European and Russian girls, especially the legendary U15 site CANDY DOLL.